Bellagio old town is easily reachable from residence with your own car or public transportation.

Lot of alleys and stepstones will guide you to the discovery of shops for your made in Italy shopping and many bar and cafes that will be ideal pause to admire unique worldwide scenery that is Lake Como with its shores.


Fratelli Gandola di Alessandro Gandola e C SAS- Via al Crotto 35, 22021 Bellagio COMO - P.IVA: 02088030131
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Gentili Clienti,
siamo lieti di annunciare la nostra prossima riapertura
in data 20 Giugno 2020.

Ricordiamo anche che gli spazi all’interno della struttura
garantiscono le distanze di sicurezza fra un ospite e l’altro
al fine di evitare contatti ravvicinati.

Dear Customers,
we are glad to inform you that we are going to open on June 20th 2020
and that within our structure
the spaces guarantee the safety distances between one guest and another
in order to avoid close contacts.